Weight Management !! Morning Exercise,

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Morning Yoga Routine, Clear Body Clear Mind.


Here is Hong Kong. Viewed from 21st floor hallway at 7:00 am. When we breath in, the wind blow to our face, when we breath out, the sun shine on us. amazing !!


This sweet couple is new friend, they practice yoga with me twice a week before work at 7am. Woah..how sweet and healthy they are. We practice in the hallway since the gym door is still closed in early morning. Its kind of hot during summer time, but it feels so Natural. So we see the sun rising, feel the heat of the sun, and hear the wind flow and birds sing during our practice. Lovely. Well, maybe sometimes, raindrops fall on us during rainy days, and maybe some mosquito around. Haha.


So, 7:00am class, which means I have to wake up before 6 to get prepared and travel to their apartment. It's my earliest class ever !! They said 'its Good, quite Energizing, it's Discipline to wake up early!'  Wahha. Maybe they don't understand Hong Kong people lifestyle, that most of the HK people hate to wake up early, and No Discipline. Haha.  :lol:

 Well, just kidding. The truth is I feel the practice really Energize my Day !! 

In the early morning, the air is fresh, and your mind is clear, which allow you to be really focus on your body and mind. It helps you to attain clear and alert mind, and get prepared for the rest of the day.
Physically, people who exercise is the morning enjoy more Health Benefits than people who do in other time. It "jump start" your blood flow and circulation to different part of the body, increases metabolism and elevates for hours, which means burning more calories all day long. It is one of the most Effective way for Weight Management.
Everyone knows that exercising is a perfect way to Reduce Stress. It stimulates Endorphin and Serotonin secretion (your body natural chemicals) to your brain, which heightens mood, and helps you to make healthier and positive decisions and promotes psychological well-being.

IMG_4092IMG_4097Take a rest ! Have a good day at work !

Hey, my friend, start off your day with exercise. Have no idea how to start off ? or wanna practice morning yoga with mw. Email me to chanlingyanyoga@gamil.com.  8-) 8-)