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英文補習詢問病情的常用句子Are you feeling all right? 您是感覺好嗎
Are you feeling all right? 您是感覺好嗎? Are you feeling nausea? 您是感覺惡心嗎? Are your bowels acting properly? 您的腸能適當地行動嗎? Are your bowels regular? 您的腸的運動是規則嗎? Did you have pains here before? 您這里有以前痛嗎? Do you cough? 你咳嗽嗎? Do you feel short of breath sometimes? 您有時感覺呼吸急促嗎? Do you feel short-winded? 你有時感覺短促的喘氣嗎? Do you feel tired? 您感到疲乏嗎? Do you have any appetite? Do you have difficulty breathing? 您有胃口嗎? 您有呼吸困難嗎? Does it hurt? 心臟感到痛嗎? Have you ever had this experience before? 您以前曾經有這經驗嗎? Have you got any chronic diseases in the past? 您從前得過慢性疾病嗎? Have you got any feeling of nausea? 您有惡心的感覺嗎? Have you lost weight recently? 您的體重最近減輕了嗎? Have you taken anything for it? 您為它采取了各種方式了嗎? How about your appetite? 您的胃口怎么樣? How bad is it? 它有多么壞? How far pregnant are you? 您懷孕多久了? How long has it been this way? 這樣多久了? How long has this been going on? 繼續這樣多久了? How long have you been ill? 您這樣不舒服有多久了? How long have you been like this? 您像這樣有多久了? How long have you had it? 你有這個毛病有多久了? How long have you had this trouble? 你有這麻煩多久了? How're you feeling now? 您現在感覺怎么樣了? How's your rheumatism? 您的關節感覺怎么樣? How's your sleep? 你的睡眠情況怎么樣? Since when have you been feeling like this?您感覺象這樣是從什么時候開始的? What did you eat yesterday? 您昨天吃了什么? What do you complain of? 您說什么? What hurts you? 你那里痛? What seems to be the matter? 似乎是什么問題? What seems to be the problem? What seems to be the trouble? 似乎是什么麻煩? What sort of pain do you get there? 您什么地方痛? What's the matter with you? 怎么了您?
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